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Bucket Full of Stars

Time adjourned, drums long sounding, sounding still, without solace. The energy within strained to know more, to break all bonds, explore the universe. She sought the room for a mind’s escape, for freedom from hate, freedom from limitations. It was … Continue reading


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He looked at her seeing someone else, someone ideal, someone she couldn’t be. He depended on her, someone to be useful, someone who’d wait when he was with someone else. He looked for her, but she wasn’t there, she’d looked … Continue reading

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How Targeted Worldbuilding Aids My Storytelling

Worldbuilding is more than magic, it’s about choosing the right bedrock to build your stories upon. This became more clear to me when I began experimenting with my approach to revising. In the past, I’ve either worked on Carrdia novels … Continue reading

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The Insinuation Hypocrites

Subtle Gentle. Indirect. Soft spoken. Words they used to describe her femininity. Words they used to decide she wasn’t qualified. Funny how those same words also described the discrimination they employed. ©January 2018, March 2021 Christina Anne Hawthorne

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Chasing Acceptance

There was a point along the road when she realized the truth, that being different was going to have to do. Chasing dead ends was a cul-de-sac of indifference, where frigid embraces bore no resemblance to acceptance. She’d waste no … Continue reading

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