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Other People’s Memories

She’d tried it for awhile, living on other people’s memories, other children playing in their yards, other parents holding their children tight. Those other recollections, though, carried her to other places best avoided, until she recognized the self-deceit they planted … Continue reading


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City Life Lights

Precious night memory laden, hazy lights on a furtive bridge crossing, the currents glistening, the fog’s blue moonlight glow hiding truth and lies, echoing the music in her mind. Her balcony overlooked life’s carnival, humanity dancing on ebony streets in … Continue reading

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After Dream

A spell she knew well lingered as spring perfume in the aftermath of insight. It wafted in the glade of self, her secluded place, her after-dream, where her truth wasn’t what it seemed. Walking in the stream’s course was a … Continue reading

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The Horizon Behind Her Eyes

The horizon behind her eyes, her vision there, her true self inside waving in the distance. Visible. Almost in reach. Clarity was calm. Distractions passed through. Knowing the truth, what she must do. Certainty urged mind climbing to thrive. She … Continue reading

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Someone Else’s Life

It was a truth not difficult to see. Those self-inflicting pain feared the same self-honesty she’d been desperate to flee. Denying her truth of self was to die a lie. Striving for authenticity, while playing a part inside, was living … Continue reading

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Wrapped in the Velvet of Her Soul

She wasn’t what she seemed, she was that place where dreams went when they required a key, far away, yet, beneath a gentle touch amidst her heart’s glow, transformed, wrapped in the velvet of her soul. She’d become what she … Continue reading

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See you, see in. Seeing yourself is where you begin. To discover, open your eyes, see strengths and weaknesses, possibilities, and lies. All of you is who you are, you’re potentiality. In your pursuit of self-honesty you’ll become what the … Continue reading

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