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Going Forward: Life Beyond Tragedy

As I navigate my way, not out of grief, but to learning how to manage it, I also find that, as is often the case, tragic events bring stark realities to the surface. My greatest constant and comfort these last … Continue reading

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Her Best Friend

She had a best friend once, someone she should have loved, for they’d shared hopes and dreams and everything in-between. She had a best friend slip away, the dear friend she’d held, whose tears she’d caught, whose hope became naught. … Continue reading

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Tipping Point

Shake and totter, she did, a three-legged stool balanced on two legs, both those legs strong, both legs steady, neither self-compassion. Shattered, she was, tipping dangerously towards self-infliction, fearing the imbalance, dreading the spiral again, bracing for the inevitable pain. … Continue reading

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She Remembered

She remembered. In that moment, she remembered. Part of her brain had urged her to forget, but she remembered anyway. Pieces at first. Fragments. A gasp, a tear without a home. What no one should recall, returned. To help heal … Continue reading

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