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The Me I’m Supposed to Be

This isn’t the post I planned to write. Instead, at the last minute, I changed it. My apologies if it borders on a rant, but in truth, it’s a pep talk for any of you out there who’re in any … Continue reading

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Don’t Bring Flowers

Don’t bring flowers to show that you care, bring your time to show you’re aware. Forget the flowers, once each year, instead show your respect whenever you’re near. Leave the flowers and instead use words, explaining flowers and facts you’ve … Continue reading

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The Road to Respect

There was a special pain in the moment she realized years of investment had made her a thing discarded. Her two-way road to truth was a one-way lane fraught with lies, all the sweet words in the world still amounting … Continue reading

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Time, ticking. Lives slipping away. It’d been building for some time. Deep inside were the cries. She’d had enough. The questions she had were despised. Why? There was no answer. There could be NO answer. Why couldn’t we respect one … Continue reading

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