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The Vampire Blues

No tanning on the beach or I’m ashes on the news. Undead, gotta get a life, I’ve got the vampire blues. No skipping down the street on a sunny afternoon. No pulling up stakes after they’ve run me through. Missing … Continue reading

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The One Story Element I Never Plan

This blog post might be a complete disaster, proving once and for all why I’ve procrastinated in writing it for a couple of years. The element of which I speak is humor (or humour, which my spellcheck doesn’t like). What … Continue reading

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The Creature from the Black Linguine

The Creature from the Black Linguine, an old movie she once did see. Oh, wait, that wasn’t the name, just kinda sorta sounded the same. It came to her while she planned her meal, a daily event lacking thrills. Thinking … Continue reading

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Attack of the Clawed Fuzzies

We thought we had a chance, we thought we’d survive, but when the clawed fuzzies attacked they wouldn’t be denied. Coming in the dead of night purring bewitching sounds, before we could escape they groomed and pulled us down. Some … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Animal

Animals in fiction. Truth be told, when I originally addressed the topic in 2016 it was as a joke. Then I discovered the value of animal characters in fiction. I’m keeping the original blog’s title because I loved it so … Continue reading

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