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There were those distracted moments when she’d idly wonder. When was the first time, the first moment when she realized she was different and unlike the other children? Was it that first day in kindergarten? Was it that first thought … Continue reading

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Fear and Wonder as Influences

Ontyre, like all my writing, is a product of me, good and bad. Its origins are my origins. Its vistas are a product of my vision. Its characters a remix of my experiences. Its heartbreaks and joys come from my … Continue reading

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When the Mirror Lies

In her midnight childhood, the truth she couldn’t explain, the truth that’d be her end if she did. Each thought was two, one formed in her own words, the other edited to expectations to save her life. The mirror’s image … Continue reading

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Threadbare Rabbit

How silly, having kept bunny, how overly sentimental. An old, stuffed rabbit, stitched and mended, the fabric loved until threadbare and thin. Oh bunny, never forgotten, poor flattened rabbit. Two small hands in size —just right for a child’s grasp, … Continue reading


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