Gryphon Gray Deleted Scene

Feeling a little like an archeologist and taking the blog in a new direction this week sharing a passage I unearthed. It’s been six months since I shared Gryphon Gray on the blog and the other day I discovered a deleted scene. It’s essentially backstory and shows what caused M’Ameth problems with the elf elders. She was six years-old at the time, half the age she was in the short story.

Picture: CA Hawthorne

Picture: CA Hawthorne

In a way, it’s almost a flash fiction piece in its own right.

So, why did I remove it? A couple of reasons. One is that it brings a gryphon into the story early, thus dulling the moment later in the short story. The second, and probably biggest, reason is that it’s a big chunk of backstory that stopped the story dead in its tracks, slowing down the pace that her climb was mimicking.

If you’d like to read or reread the original short story you can click on this Gryphon Gray link.

So, here you are, M’Ameth and her effort

To read the deleted scene from the short story please join me on the website HERE.


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