Bad Writing Advice: Naming Stuff

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

For fantasy writers, especially, naming is critical. World building demands it. Of course, world building demands a lot of things, but there are those pesky rules. No excessive backstory. No info dumps. It makes it tough on a writer.

Whether it’s characters, spells, or land features, christening everything in sight allows creativity to run amuck. So what if you’re characters speak English. Here’s the opportunity to dazzle readers with names ten years of psychotherapy won’t purge from their brains.

Here’s an example:

At the edge of the Alliance camp, Farlin crouched behind a fractured boulder where hawthorn bushes grew to either side. He sheathed his blade. Leaving the mountain republic for the lowlands never ceased to bring on unease. How much easier this’d be if he’d heeded his teachers and learned about…

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Alive and well in the Rocky Mountains. I'm a fantasy writer who also dabbles in poetry, short stories, and map making. My Ontyre tales are an alternative fantasy experience, the stories rich in mystery, adventure, and romance. Alternative fantasy? Not quite steampunk. Not quite gothic. In truth, the real magic is in those who discover what's within.
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