Age of Humanity

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Planet Earth, our home. Photo: CA Hawthorne

We humans are odd creatures and never more so than when we worry about our importance and tear down others to boost our egos, even if those others are in the past. We’re more advanced and often cite our technology as proof. Things, apparently, are the supreme measure of advancement. Never mind that those who came before us believed the same, those people we now snicker at, people left behind in our dusty, rusty, and black and white past even a mere century ago.

It was 1912 when the unsinkable Titanic failed to survive her maiden voyage. The arrogant symbol of that new age not only went to the ocean’s bottom, but failed to carry enough lifeboats for all the passengers. The new technology of the early 20th century blossomed on the killing fields of Europe in WWI, “the war to end all wars.” Tanks, airplanes, and poison gas gave way to politicians and their unenlightened peace in 1918 that set the stage for a second world war. Our corporate leaders? They produced one of the greatest economic collapses in history by 1929.

Human arrogance and disregard for other human lives.

But, of course, now we’re more enlightened with our internet, smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Iron has given way to microchips, but humans are still humans…

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Alive and well in the Rocky Mountains. I'm a fantasy writer who also dabbles in poetry, short stories, and map making. My Ontyre tales are an alternative fantasy experience, the stories rich in mystery, adventure, and romance. Alternative fantasy? Not quite steampunk. Not quite gothic. In truth, the real magic is in those who discover what's within.
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