I made an investment in my writing future today…

Actually, I made many purchases today, my stop at Victoria’s Secret not the least of them.

But I digress.

At Break Expresso.

At Break Expresso where the coffee and the words flow.

Actually, it was a busy day overall, a part of which was spent at Break Expresso where part of this blog was written. It was seven weeks ago that I first stopped at the coffee shop. I was visiting Missoula for the first time, had decided to walk the downtown, and stumbled upon the rustic establishment. While there I enjoyed a latte, posted to FB, and wrote a couple of poems.

That day set off a series of events and hectic weeks that culminated with my permanent relocation to Missoula.

This time I’m back, but not alone, and I’m armed with my laptop.

And writing this blog.

And digressing once again.

Sort of.

Anyway, I made an investment in my writing future…

You’d think that I’m talking about a new computer, or having wifi setup, or attending another conference. Nope. What I’m talking about is a less expensive purchase and one that will aid my walking.

Yes, walking.

One of the reasons I moved to Missoula was to take advantage of the lower altitude, flat (within the city) landscape, and milder temperatures. Well, as I’ve pointed out, I’m here now and settling in. Spring is nearly upon me and so it’s time to get outside.

My simple purchase today was clothing suitable for walking on the path that’s within a stone’s throw of my apartment, a path running all over the city, including along the river and into downtown.

The end of a long, wonderful day.

The end of a long, wonderful day that started with pushing a foot of snow off my car. Note the pink bag in the background…

And how does this relate to writing?

Feed your health and unleash your mind.

Fresh air and exercise are both tied to physical health, psychological well-being, and happiness. In addition, they ignite my creativity.

When I walk it provides all the health benefits that it does for anyone else, but it also forces lungs that want to contract to expand in a way that short jaunts in the grocery store don’t do. It takes awhile for my less-pliable lungs to stretch out and my lungs remain vulnerable, as I was reminded recently when I had a health scare.

When I walk I practice mindfulness and discover a peace that compliments meditation and that’s invaluable for my mental health. Fresh air, an increased heart rate, and inner peace keep the depression demons at a comfortable distance.

When I walk I have the opportunity to savor the world’s details. The wildlife, landscape, and human activity that I’d otherwise miss are presented as if in a showcase.

When I walk I eventually stroll into another place. My mind incorporates the sights and sounds around me into the fantasy world I created. For a time I’m transported to Ontyre where Shayleen lives, suffers heartbreak, and all too often fears for her life.

Creativity ignited and unbound.

Yes, feed your health and unleash your mind.

I’m a writer who also enjoys drawing and photography, but this concept works for everyone. The activity is probably a different one (jogging, gym workouts, skiing, sitting in a park, etc.) and perhaps enjoyed indoors. The creative endeavor may also be different (knitting, painting, theatre, marketing, etc.). Regardless, creativity is enhanced.

Feed your health and unleash your mind.

If anyone has any other versions of the equation they’d like to share I’d love to hear them (and possibly steal them). Via exchange we can all benefit.

Sunset in Missoula.

Another day comes to an end in this beautiful city I’ve adopted as my home. Missoula, Montana, I do love you so.

About Ontyre Passages

Alive and well in the Rocky Mountains. I'm a fantasy writer who also dabbles in poetry, short stories, and map making. My Ontyre tales are an alternative fantasy experience, the stories rich in mystery, adventure, and romance. Alternative fantasy? Not quite steampunk. Not quite gothic. In truth, the real magic is in those who discover what's within.
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6 Responses to Unleashed

  1. Tricia Ann says:

    As you know, I am on oxygen and can’t really get out and walk, but I use too daily. Best exercise in the world, helps your whole body and your mind. I really can’t think of anything any better for the body than walking. You look in fantastic shape. 🙂

    • Having been on oxygen twice I know how it complicates life and so appreciate being to walk now. Actually, though my lung condition leaves me thin I’m actually a bit flabby, which I’m not liking. I’d like to be in better physical shape, as in more toned, but I DON’T want to lose more weight. If you can’t walk then I hope you’ve found something for you that refreshes your mind, whether it’s exercise related or not. Just spending some time relaxing in the backyard or on a back porch would do you wonders. Just beware bitter cold like I do. 🙂

  2. Christina I agree I walk in the morning usually but have been doing too much lately and my walking and writing have suffered because of this. Next week I will start my health plan again. I love your outfit by the way very cool.

    • Thanks, Kath. Part of good health is knowing when you’re doing too much. Life tosses us the unexpected and we must be flexible. I know all about health plans gone wrong. I no sooner posted this and we had a literal blizzard with temperatures around 0℉. On the other hand, it’s supposed to become far more mild by midweek. I’m excited!

  3. Jeff Langan says:

    One need not search for happiness, or health. It finds its way regardless. J

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