The View from the Eye

Hurricane's eye.

Hurricane eye.

What to say during this time between the chaos that dominated my life over the last month and the move that’s less than two weeks away? What to say from this gray interlude where I’m alone with my thoughts while filling boxes? What to say where I stand at the hurricane’s eye preparing to push through to the other side?

What to say?

The day I sent my father a Christmas card to initiate our reconnection until the day I stood upon an open ridge at his funeral was but a month. In-between…

  • I left my job.
  • Connected with my father via phone on Christmas and visited him on the 26th.
  • Traveled to Missoula where I found a place to live.
  • Arranged my father’s funeral.

An emotional hurricane, yet, my belief in myself grew stronger.

There’s calm now within this house. Outside the wind is howling. Across the street part of my neighbor’s rain gutter has blown off the house and their huge trashcan is tumbling across the yard. Just around the corner part of someone’s redwood fence has blown over.

But in the house there’s calm…

  • I’ve made utility arrangements here and in Missoula.

    Mr. Calvin and Misha.

    Mr. Calvin and Misha.

  • My truck is reserved.
  • I’ve scheduled my address change.
  • I dove into my files and shredded 60% of them.
  • My boxes are gathering at the garage door.
  • I’m even planning meals so as to use as much food as possible before I leave.

And now WordPress informs me that over 1300 people are following my blog. “Thank you,” somehow seems inadequate. Writing is my love and each of you who visit place more value upon the passion.

On February 10th I’ll depart for Missoula with two cats who’ll likely be singing the song of their people. Insanity on wheels…

In Missoula I’ll upgrade Ontyre Passages to enhance the experience for those who visit and soon after attend an online conference. No later than March I’ll self-publish some poetry.

Shayleen's story continues...

Shayleen’s story will continue…

Meanwhile, these feet will hit the pavement. With the wind no longer an issue I’ll return to walking to exercise my lungs. Walking also fuels my creativity.

Through it all I’ll blog my activities, for sharing and feedback inspire.

Of course, there are the typical tasks to address…

  • Arranging my apartment.
  • Switching to Montana license plates.
  • Procuring a Montana driver’s license.
  • Establishing a local bank account.
  • Taking Misha and Mr. Calvin to the wonderful vet I discovered there.
  • Finding local healthcare for me.

Through it all I’ll work furiously on Where Light Devours.

This is the dream I’ve longed for.

I call it a dream because I’ve not yet reached the place and time to make it a reality. I remained poised within the hurricane’s eye, but I’m ready for the storm. And when it’s through I’ll stand on the mountaintop and relish what the new day brings. This is the opportunity I’ve sought to create and now comes creation.

You’re all helping make that possible and for that I’m grateful and humbled.

My sincere thanks.

Glacier National Park.

Swiftcurrent Lake and Sinopah in Glacier National Park.

About Ontyre Passages

Alive and well in the Rocky Mountains. I'm a fantasy writer who also dabbles in poetry, short stories, and map making. My Ontyre tales are an alternative fantasy experience, the stories rich in mystery, adventure, and romance. Alternative fantasy? Not quite steampunk. Not quite gothic. In truth, the real magic is in those who discover what's within.
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4 Responses to The View from the Eye

  1. Wishing you a safe and smooth journey and can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.

  2. Tricia Ann says:

    I felt calm just reading that, by your planning and sought out thoughts to prepare. I think this will be a good journey, and right for you! 🙂

    • Thanks. It’s felt right from the beginning even though I’ve had to work hard for it. From having to fix my health before starting this adventure, to icy roads and blowing snow on the initial journey, to exhaustion after that trip and then scrambling to pack. And yet I’ve never doubted. Deep down I’ve KNOWN this was right. 🙂

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